Aston Martin Logo Meaning, History Timeline & Latest Car Models

When we hear the name Aston Martin, we are instantly drawn to thinking about luxurious cars with speed and sophistication. The Aston Martin cars are a perfect blend of elegance with incredible power and the speed of a sports car. Every car model combines traditional hand-made craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology.

Nevertheless, this British car company suffered serious financial problems and challenges throughout its history. However, unlike other brands, AM always overcomes difficulties with dignity and patience.

Come and get familiar with the history timeline Aston Martin car company.

Aston Martin Origin-1930: Aston Martin was founded in 1913 and introduced their first car in 1915. However, due to World War I, the production stopped and resumed after the war. In the first century, this British car brand went bankrupt seven times and the first one was in 1924.

1930-1960: The 30s were not exactly a successful decade for Aston Martin as financial problems reappeared in 1932. Things were settling in their place when again World War II halted work and then again had to suffer financial difficulties.

1960-2000: Aston Martin soon made a strong comeback and introduced their famous DB5. However, in the 70s, the Aston Martin again suffered to establish itself successfully. However, things changed in the late 80s, when Aston Martin was bought by Ford Motor Company. The sales of Aston Martin grown drastically.

2000-Present: In 2003, Aston Martin announced it would return to motor racing in 2005 with its new division, Aston Martin Racing. Today, AM has over 150 car dealerships in over 50 countries on six continents making them a global automobile brand.

Aston Martin Logo Meaning & History Timeline

The Aston Martin logo has also gone through several subtle changes over the years. There are all a total of 10 iterations of the Aston Martin logo till now. The very first Aston Martin emblem was introduced in 1921 and consisted of a simple merging of the letters “A” and “M” in black color, inside a black double-line circle. Aston Martin’s symbol was replaced with the iconic Aston Martin wings in 1927. From just a simple A and M sign, this British car brand added two bronze color wings and spelled out Aston Martin. The sign was stylized in a way that both the ‘T’ and the ‘M’ were connected.

There are many theories regarding the Aston Martin logo’s meaning. Some say they are actually scarab beetle wings. During the 1930s, Egyptology was a popular subject and ancient Egyptians revered the scarab beetle as an extension of the sun god, Racing driver S.C.H Davis created a pair of scarab wings for the new Aston Martin logo. While others say, if you fill in some of the lines on the wings, you can make out the letter “A” and “M” in the logo. However, the truth is that Aston Martin’s emblem has no particular meaning and the wings are a traditional symbol of speed, freedom, dreams, and exploring boundaries. The wings concept was borrowed from the logo of the Bentley cars.

In 1930, the logo color was changed to silver and the wings got a sharper angle. Since 1932, the Aston Martin logo started looking like the one we all know today. This British car brand name came in a rectangle but the color switched back to bronze. Since then, the Aston Martin emblem has gone through some minor changes, but it mostly stuck to the same design elements. The unexpected change to the Aston Martin emblem came when an English industrialist, David Brown, acquired the company. Brown wanted to put his imprint on the company and therefore, he added his name at the top of the brand name. However, the Brown name disappeared from the AM logo as soon as the brand was purchased by Company Developments Ltd.

Aston Martin Logo Evolution

This led to another slight modification of the Aston Martin logo. The David Brown name took off and the color was also changed from Bronze to the shades of silver. The current version of the Aston Martin symbol came in 2003 that contains a green rectangle on top of the white wings, sporting the company’s name in uppercase characters. The Aston Martin logo has three tints: black, green and white. These colors stand for some special features, like style, goodwill, specialness, originality, excellence and eco-friendly type of the company.

The Aston Martin has indeed been successfully marketed as one of the top choices when looking for luxurious cars. Aston Martin cars offer luxury at their finest. Here are some of their latest models that are ruling the market.

• Aston Martin DB11
Price: $201,820 onwards

• Aston Martin Rapide S
Price: $207,775 onwards

• Aston Martin V12 Vantage S
Price: $186,195 onwards

• Aston Martin Vanquish
Price: $297,775 onwards

• Aston Martin DBS Superleggera
Price: $308,081 onwards

• Aston Martin Vantage
Price: $106,125 onwards

Aston Martin upcoming models at a glance

• Aston Martin DBX SUV
Expected Launch: 2019

• Aston Martin Valkyrie
Expected Launch: 2019

• Aston Martin mid-engined supercar
Expected Launch: 2021

• Aston Martin Lagonda Sedan
Expected Launch: 2020/2021

• Aston Martin Lagonda SUV
Expected Launch: 2022/2023

• Aston Martin DB12
Expected Launch: 2023

Despite all the financial difficulties, Aston Martin is one of the world’s most popular car manufacturers. It has been in existence for over 115 years and being shifted to different countries. Finally, the brand was back building vehicles in Britain. Aston Martin cars are a leading choice when a person is searching for sophisticated cars that can still leave the other brands eating their dust.