BMW Logo, History Timeline and All Latest Car Models

One of the world’s foremost luxury and super-performance car manufacturers, Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) stands tall among the German Big Three. BMW is known for its car engines and over the century, the company is working hard to improve it for providing sheer driving pleasure to its customers. It produces a wide range of passenger cars, luxury cars, sports cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, and also Mini and Roll-Royce Motor Cars. BMW originated as an aircraft engine producer, and seven years later, it started vehicle production.

BMW Logo History Timeline & Meaning

Only a few automobile logos are as recognizable as the BMW logo. BMW’s emblem is one of the most ubiquitous and clever symbols of all time. The BMW logo contains a thin black circle that is bordered by a smooth silver outline holding the company’s name in a prominent position. The core of the circle is divided into four quadrants with national colors of Bavaria – blue and white. This BMW symbol hasn’t changed much since the beginning of the brand. Over the years, the BMW emblem only went through color correction, font change and form refinements with the addition of lighting and beveling on the most recent version.

There is a myth related to the BMW emblem, which says that the BMW logo is a representative of an aircraft propeller. However, the meaning of the BMW logo is quite different. BMW emblem is a combination of the colors of the Bavarian flag and the logo of the Rapp Motorenwerke, from which the BMW Company grew.

BMW has a significant history, especially in Formula 1, touring cars, sports cars and the Isle of Man TT. Let’s dug deep and found more about BMW origin and the great history behind its success.

BMW origin-1930: BMW was founded in 1916 as an aircraft engine manufacturing company. After gaining success in the airplane industry, the company was renamed Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH. The very first product of BMW was the BMW IIIa aircraft engine. However, in 1918, the company was forced to cease production of aircraft engines and therefore began production of motorcycles in 1923, with the R32 model. BMW automobile production was started in 1928 and the first automobile produced was the ‘BMW Dixi’.

1930-1960: In 1932, the company introduced its first automobile designed entirely by BMW, the ‘BMW 3/20’. In 1940, BMW shifted its interest to producing military vehicles due to the impending World War II. As soon as the war ended, BMW resumed automobile production and introduced the first post-war BMW, the ‘BMW 501’. In the 50s, BMW expanded its model range to sedans, coupes, convertibles, and sports. In 1954, the ‘BMW 502’ made its debut, which basically marked the success of BMW automakers. Two years later, BMW produced the ‘BMW 600’, which made the company the largest money earner at that time.

1960-1980: 1960s was an incredibly successful period in BMW’s history. The production was so high that the company had to shift to a new location with a larger plant and therefore, in 1947, BMW began production in their newly formed plant in Berlin. In the 1970s, the production of vehicles started in South Africa. After a few years, the BMW Motorsport GmbH was established. During the 70s, BMW introduced its 5 series, 6 series, 3 series and 7 series in the market, which is still in production. Also, it introduced ‘BMW M1’, the company’s first mid-engine sports car developed in conjunction with Lamborghini.

1980-2000: In 1983, BMW introduced its first diesel engine, the ‘BMW M21’ and two years later ‘BMW M3’ made its debut. In 1989, the 8 series range of large coupes was introduced. In the 90s, BMW entered the US auto market and soon acquired the British Rover Group. This became one of the biggest wins in BMW’s history. Ownership of Rover group brought the Rover, Land Rover, MG and Mini brands under its rule.

2000-today: In the 2000s, the company took over Rolls-Royce as well as MINI and introduced its famous 1 series. Soon, BMW created a joint venture with China and established a plant in Shenyang. In 2003, the first Rolls-Royce vehicle produced under BMW ownership. In 2015, BMW was the world’s twelfth largest producer of motor vehicles and still exists as one of the three best luxury automobile manufacturers in the world.

BMW has launched some of the best vehicles in the world. BMW’s latest car models have all the latest techniques and alluring designs.

Let’s know the prices of the latest car models by BMW.

• BMW 2 Series (Price: $35,945 onwards)
• BMW 3 Series (Price: $35,895 onwards)

• BMW 3 Series Wagon (Price: $45,645 onwards)
• BMW 4 Series (Price: $44,495 onwards)
• BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe (Price: $44,295 onwards)
• BMW 5 Series (Price: $53,645 onwards)
• BMW 6 Series (Price: $87,695 onwards)
• BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe (Price: $82,395 onwards)
• BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo (Price: $71,195 onwards)
• BMW 7 Series (Price: $84,095 onwards)
• BMW i3 (Price: $45,445 onwards)
• BMW i8 (Price: $164,295 onwards)
• BMW M2 (Price: $55,495 onwards)
• BMW M3 (Price: $67,495 onwards)
• BMW M4 (Price: $69,695 onwards)
• BMW M5 (Price: $103,595 onwards)
• BMW M6 (Price: $123,295 onwards)
• BMW M6 Gran Coupe (Price: $120,795 onwards)
• BMW X1 (Price: $34,895 onwards)
• BMW X2 (Price: $37,395 onwards)
• BMW X3 (Price: $43,645 onwards)
• BMW X4 (Price: $51,445 onwards)
• BMW X5 (Price: $58,195 onwards)
• BMW X5 M (Price: $102,695 onwards)
• BMW X6 (Price: $63,945 onwards)
• BMW X6 M (Price: $106,095 onwards)

BMW is also working on their upcoming models and soon they will be launched in the markets.

• BMW i8 Roadster (Expected launch: December 2018)
• 2019 BMW X5 (Expected launch: 2019)
• BMW X7 (Expected launch: November 2018)
• BMW Z4 (Expected launch: August 2018)
• BMW M8 Gran Coupe (Expected launch: 2019)
• 2019 BMW Series 3 (Expected launch: 2019)
• BMW Series 8 (Expected launch: 2019)