Ferrari Logo Meaning, History Timeline and Latest Car Models

When thinking of luxury cars, it is often the Ferrari that comes first to mind. Year by year, Ferrari has become a symbol of wealth, status, and power. Throughout Ferrari’s history, this Italian car brand has been noted for its participation in racing, especially in Formula One, where it is the most successful racing team. Ferrari has the most constructors’ championships and produced the highest number of drivers’ championship wins. The meaning of Ferrari is nothing more than a surname in Italy. Ferrari got its name after the founder, Enzo Ferrari.

Ferrari Logo Meaning and History

Ferrari logo is a black prancing stallion on a yellow shield with three stripes each of green, white and red at the top. Usually, it also has letters SF at the bottom and the company’s title ‘Ferrari’ is depicted at the foot of the Ferrari symbol. The yellow shield in the Ferrari emblem symbolizes the color of Enzo’s hometown Modena. The stripes on the Ferrari logo represent the Italian national flag and the black prancing stallion is for good luck.

Ferrari emblem has its own heroic origin and dramatic history. During World War I, the black prancing horse of Ferrari logo was the sign of Count Francesco Baracca, a flying ace in the Italian air force. In 1923, Enzo Ferrari met Baracca’s mother, who told him to put the horse on his cars for good luck. Nine years later, Alfa Romeo allowed Ferrari to put the logo on his car for the 1932 Spa 24 Hours.

Ferrari has a long history. In 1929, Enzo Ferrari formed ‘Scuderia Ferrari’ (Team Ferrari) to race cars produced by Alfa Romeo. 10 years later, Ferrari left Alfa Romeo with a condition that he would not participate in any racing activity for at least four years. After a while, he started Ferrari as Auto Avio Costruzioni, which produced machine tools and aircraft accessories.

Come to explore with us and know more about the history timeline of Ferrari.

Ferrari origin-1950: Ferrari was founded in 1939 and manufactured the first car in 1940. ‘The Tipo 815’ made its debut at the Mille Miglia race but faced a little competition due to World War II. It was in 1947 when the first Ferrari-badged road car was introduced in the market. With this, the Ferrari marque was finally created and the founder reluctantly sold his automobiles to fund Scuderia Ferrari.

1950-1970: In the 1950s, Ferrari won its first Grand Prix race. In 1952, Ferrari launched the famous ‘212 Inter’ and two years later,’ the 250 GT Coupe’ made its debut, which became one of the bestselling vehicles during the 50s. In the mid-50s, Ferrari produced one of its best car, ‘the GT Berlinetta’, which is still in production. In 1962, the company introduced one of the finest sports cars in Ferrari’s history- ‘the 250 GTO’. 1966 came with a new Ferrari vehicle line, known as ‘the 365 California’. With some modifications and powerful engines, these vehicles are still in production. In early 1969, Fiat took a 50% stake in Ferrari. By the end of the 60s, Ferrari tried its luck with convertibles and produced ‘the 65 GTS4’.

1970-1990: In the 70s, Ferrari’s racing track took a turn and it retired from sports car racing to focus on the F1. The company won and lost many races in the World Sportscar Championship. However, the biggest success was the victory in Formula 1 racing in 1975 and 1977. Ferrari was facing tough competition with Porsche and Alfa Romeo in the 1970s and by its end, the company did end up in a crisis following the accident of its best racer, Niki Lauda.

The 80s were the worst and at the same time the best years in Ferrari’s history. In 1988, Enzo Ferrari died but fortunately, he witnessed the launch of the most famous supercars ever made known as ‘Ferrari F40’. The car was dedicated as a symbol of his achievements. A year later, the company was renamed Ferrari S.p.A.

1990-2000: In the 1990s, Ferrari launched various successful models, including the 512 TR, 348 GTB, 456 GT, 348 GTS, F355 Berlinetta, 348 Spider, F512 M, and the F50. The ‘Ferrari F50’ was the closest thing to a road-going Formula 1 car and was called ‘Ferrari’s Extreme Machine’. After a while, the company overcome the struggle period in Formula One racing and made a huge comeback with the victory of 1966.

2000-Today: In the 2000s, the company introduced its fastest model at the time, ‘the F60’ (also known as the Enzo), which was introduced and named in honor of the company’s founder, Enzo Ferrari. From 1999 to 2004, Ferrari won the Constructors’ Championship and dominated the World Driver’s Championship from 2000 to 2004. By 2008, Fiat Group purchased 85% of the company’s shares and the founder’s second son Piero Ferrari owns only 10%. In 2014, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. announced the split of its luxury brand, Ferrari. The separation started in 2015 with a restructuring that established Ferrari N.V. as the new holding company of the Ferrari group and the subsequent sale by FCA of 10% of the shares in an IPO and concurrent listing of common shares on the New York Stock Exchange.

Today, Ferrari car models are one of the most expensive in its league and seen as a symbol of speed, luxury and wealth.

Ferrari has numerous luxury and sports car in its latest car models range. Let’s have a look at the Ferrari’s latest models available in the market.

• Ferrari 488GTB
Price: $256,550 onwards

• Ferrari 488 Spider
Price: $280,900 onwards

• Ferrari 488 Pista
Price: $252,800 onwards

• Ferrari 812 Superfast
Price: $315,000 onwards

• Ferrari GTC4Lusso
Price: $302,650 onwards

• Ferrari GTC4Lusso T
Price: $302,650onwards

• Ferrari Portofino
Price: $214,533 onwards

There is no secret that automakers are welcoming hybrid technology as a way to reduce pollution and save the environment. Ferrari is also planning to debut its V8 hybrid powertrain in 2019.