Fiat Logo Meaning, History Timeline & Latest Car Models

Fiat designs its car models with the aim of producing high-tech content and intelligent solutions for offering people comfort and ease in their daily car travel. Today, Fiat is one of the most recognizable car manufacturing companies over the globe, providing stylish and economical automobiles in different segments following historical traditions.

Learn with us more about Fiat history and how it reached the zenith of success.

Fiat Origin-1940: Fiat traces its history back to 1899 when the first Fiat automobile was produced. In 1914, Fiat became a champion in international racing and even won the American Grand Prize. By the 30s Fiat became a known name in the automobile market. The FIAT began expanding its empire rapidly and started production in the USSR, Poland, and Spain.

1940-1980: Due to the impending war, Fiat Car Company began manufacturing trucks, marine engines, airplanes, and armored vehicles. Soon enough, Fiat resumes its large-scale production of cars and towards the end of the 70s in Fiat’s history, the brand brought together Ferrari, Autobianchi, Lancia, and Fiat brands.

1980-2000: By the 80s, Fiat began promoting ‘Green Cars’ by manufacturing natural gas and electric vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions. In 2000, Fiat formed an alliance with General Motors.

2000-Present: By 2006, the TetraFuel system for alternative fuels was introduced. The most successful decision by the brand was to join hands with Chrysler Automobiles and merged to form the ‘Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V’ in 2014. Since then Fiat is one of the most desirable car brands and has more than 15 enterprises outside Italy, particularly in Europe.

Fiat Logo Meaning & History Timeline

From the past to the present time, the fiat logo has a continuing evolution like their cars. The Fiat symbol has evolved since it was first introduced in 1899. The very first Fiat logo was designed on a golden-brown background with the full company name ‘Fabbrica-Italiana Di Automobili Torino’ inscribed on it and a provision for a serial number at the top. Around 1901, Fiat came up with a proper rectangular shape brand emblem consisted of alphabets F-I-A-T on the blue background and between every separate letter, there was an inscribed silver line.

FIAT Logo Evolution

The idea to introduce those silver lines was initiated by the chief Fiat designer, Mario Mioli. While driving past the Mirafiori factory, he saw the night sky reflection of the five bars that had set spaces between the letters and decided to modify the badge with the spaces inside the logo to make it more stylish and alluring. Three years later, the rectangular shape was changed to an eclipse, surrounded by an Art Nouveau design representing both the leaves and the sunrise in the earlier symbol. This Fiat emblem remained for a longer time but with frequent color modifications.

By 1931, FIAT became popular and the FIAT logo turned into a rectangular shape from a circle. In the next year 1932, the rectangular shape of the FIAT emblem was cast into a shield without a wreath, which was much more appealing on the tall radiator shells of the cars the company was offering at that point. This logo became stable from 1932 to 1968. In 1968, Fiat modified its emblem completely and reduced it to the company’s acronym in a parallelogram, divided into four chrome-bordered segments with an italic capital letter in each blue, and later black, section. This logo remained there till Fiat’s 100 years anniversary in 1999. On its anniversary Fiat return with a round logo surrounded by a crest. This time, the laurel wreath was heavily stylized on chrome, and the FIAT letters were in a blue background. In 2001 a minor change in the identity was done.

In 2006, a new chrome shield-like Fiat logo was introduced on Fiat Bravo. The symbol is a combination of circle and trapezium, which symbolizes “ongoing change”. Inspired by its famous shield logo of 1931 to 1968, the Fiat sign is arranged in a vertical manner and elongated letters with ruby-red background and metallic round frame. This three-dimensional effect caters to the idea of technology and dynamism. According to Fiat, the logo suggests “advanced technology, Italian design, dynamism, and individualism.”

There is a range of Fiat car models that have come out so far. The company has had hits and misses but definitely has put out some great cars. Here is a list of Fiat’s latest car models and you’re another chance to pick one for your next big purchase.

• FIAT 124 Spider
Price: $26,290 onwards

• FIAT 500/ 500C Abarth
Price: $21,790 onwards

• FIAT 500L
Price: $22,240 onwards

• FIAT 500c
Price: $17,740 onwards

• FIAT 500e
Price: $33,990 onwards

• FIAT 500X
Price: $21,290 onwards

Fiat Car Company has evolved greatly over the years. Apart from automobiles, Fiat made a history of manufacturing railway engines, carriages, military vehicles and aircraft that established enterprises all over the world. The brand has always placed great importance on the latest technology, innovative design, and reliability. Therefore, with a solid commitment to producing efficient cars, Fiat can only go on to greater heights in the automobile industry.