Honda Logo Meaning, History Timeline & All Latest Car Models

Honda is a public limited company with Japanese origins. It is a multinational corporation that deals in the manufacturing of power equipment, motorcycles and automobiles. Honda has dealings in industries like Telematics, Aviation and Automotive. It has the distinction of being one of the largest manufacturers in the world of motorcycles and internal combustion engines. The company was founded in the year 1946 and incorporated in the year 1948 by its founder Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa. Its headquarters are located at Minato in Japan.

Besides their core business the brand has also been dealing in manufacturing marine engines, garden equipment, power generators etc. Since 1986, they have been an active participant in robotics and intelligence research and therefore it led to release of ASIMO robot in year 2000.


After world war second, Japan was fuel-starved and cash-poor and its citizens were looking for an inexpensive transportation mode that was also fuel-efficient. Honda took its first baby steps with manufacturing of motorbikes that were reasonable in making as well as operating.

Its bikes evolved into sophisticated vehicles. Its 1949 D-Type had an amazing speed of 50 mph with rear and front suspension. The 1950s was for Juno Scooter and later brand introduced C100 Super-Cub. It became highly popular with the female population because of the crossbar-free frame and easy-to-operate action.

The early 1960s saw Honda manufacturing its first automobile for its home market and it later participated in Formula-One racing. In 1970 it exported N600 to the United States. Honda found its popularity in the US market with the launch of the Civic in the year 1973. Affordable prices, high-fuel efficiency was its vital components and it was later joined by the successful Accord.

Honda’s success story continues to grow along with its reputation of manufacturing well-built and reliable motorcycles and cars. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Accord and Civic were its bestsellers by creating class benchmarks. It also launches Acura Brand to sell luxurious and upscale vehicles.

Honda has continued in its path of innovation through the latest technologies and modified features like construction through aluminum, variable-valve timing, and the latest safety features. At present, its line-up includes spacious minivan, fuel-sipping hybrids, practical pick-up, SUVs and reliable sedans.

Honda Odyssey Minivan is one of the best minivans on the market with awesome seats and a versatile interior. It has a spacious and vast cabin with a comfortable second and third row. This minivan has a V6 gas engine with 248 horsepower, 6-speed auto-transmission, front-wheel drive, Bluetooth connectivity, independent suspension, remote options, tachometer, clock, rear-view camera, cruise control, and privacy glass and rear defogger.

Honda CR-V SUV is a compact SUV that provides a thrilling ride. Its features include Inline-4 cylinders, gas engine, front-wheel drive, Bluetooth connection, 16 valves, 185 horsepower, 181 lb-ft torque, options of height adjustments in driver seats, keyless locks, compass, clock, cruise control, rear-view camera, electric power steering, USB connection and four speakers.

Honda vehicles are regarded very highly because of their excellent reputation that makes quality and reliability a major factor. The brand is dedicated to providing its customers thoughtful designs, the best fuel economy, friendly handling, and detailed and minute attention to safety measures. Honda as a brand is respected by the automotive industry as well as its loyal consumers because of its benchmark vehicles.