Lexus Logo Meaning, History Timeline & All Latest Car Models

Lexus is a Japanese automaker and a division of its parent company Toyota. It deals in luxury vehicles and is marketed in more than seventy countries and numerous territories worldwide. It is one of the largest sellers of premium cars in Japan and ranks as one of the largest global brands of Japanese origin in terms of market value.

Lexus was formed in year 1989 by its founder Eiji Toyoda and has its headquarters in Nagoya, Japan. It has its operational centers at California, Torrance, Belgium and Brussels.


Toyota’s desire to manufacture a world-class brand of luxury vehicles led to the origin of a new divisional brand Lexus. In the 1980s its parent company started tapping US markets. A significant number of prototypes were manufactured and tested on US roads. Early 1989 saw brand Lexus unveiling its two models- ES 250, an entry-level sedan and LS 400, flagship sedan. LS 400 was able to create a favorable impression on consumers and journalists because of its stellar features including silent and superb cabin, quality build, refined and powerful V8 engine, reasonable pricing and a luxury-car experience.

In the early 1990s, brand Lexus stepped into various other markets like Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. Many more models were included in its existing line-up like SC 400, SC 300 Coupes and GS 300. By end of the decade, Lexus had sold nearly one million vehicles in the US market after adding SUVs like LX 450, RX 300 and LX 470 in its product kitty.

During the first decade of 2000, brand Lexus was a trendsetter with the launch of hybrid-powered versions like GS 450h and RX 400h. It also introduced LFA, a world-class super-car.

Lexus CT 200h Hatchback stands proudly as a compact luxury hatchback. It is a combination of upscale amenities and inspired styling and has vital features like chrome framework, front-wheel drive, variable-speed auto-transmission, heated seats, Bluetooth connection, numerous options for external color, independent suspension, 134 horsepower, basic four-year warranty, leather upholstery, bucket-front seats, the seat of the driver has options of adjustments for height, clock, cruise control, six speakers and USB connection.

Lexus ES 300h Sedan is an entry-level vehicle with styling updates on the exterior. It has composed handling and efficient power train with a luxurious and qualitative interior. Its essential features include fuel economy of 40/39 mpg, hybrid engine, inline-4 cylinders, heated seats, front-wheel drive train, Bluetooth connectivity, 4-years basic warranty, ample head and legroom, independent suspension, 8-way power seats for both driver and passengers, rear defogger, rear spoiler and alloy wheels.

Lexus RC 200t Coupe is a luxury vehicle that has improved fuel economy of 22/32 mpg, a civilized demeanor and a well-trimmed internal cabin. Its essential components include a gas engine, heated seats, 8-speed shiftable-auto-transmission, Bluetooth connection, 241 horsepower, four-year basic warranty, leather seats, bucket-front seats, rear-ventilation ducts, hands-free entry, clock, tachometer, cruise control and USB connection.

Lexus is a famous brand with a reputation for creating luxury vehicles that are utterly refined and stylish. The hallmarks of Lexus products are commendable performance, well-crafted cabins, silent engines and a quiet and plush ride. The brand has distinguished itself in reliability and quality surveys as it emphasizes comfort, quality and dependability.