Mitsubishi Logo Meaning, History Timeline & Latest Car Models

Mitsubishi is a multinational brand that has dealings in the automotive industry. It is a Japanese automobile manufacturer with its headquarters in the city of Minato in Japan. Although the brand’s primary interest was in shipping it branched out to mining, repair, and manufacturing automobiles.


The origins of Mitsubishi automotive go back a long way to the year 1917 when its shipbuilding company launched its production automobile named Mitsubishi Model A. It was Japan’s first-series vehicle and was hand-built with features like a seven-seater. Only twenty-two units were built and then its production was stopped as it proved expensive in the consumer market.

In the year 1934, it amalgamated with Mitsubishi Aircraft Co. to manufacture machinery, railroads, ships and aircraft. In the year 1937, it manufactured a prototype sedan PX33, for military use. It was Japan’s first passenger car with four-wheel drive. After World War II, the company once again started to manufacture vehicles. A scooter Silver Pigeon and a three-wheel cargo car Mizushima were manufactured during these times.

In the year 1950, the company had to be dismantled by orders of Allied Powers and it was divided into three regional- automobile companies. In the year 1964, these three companies were re-integrated and came to be known as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Within a time span of only three years its output had increased to an annual production of seventy-five thousand vehicles. Its first Gallant tasted immense commercial success in 1969 and the company decided to focus all its energy on the automotive industry. In April 1970, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation was launched.

Under its expansion plans, the company decided to forge alliances with other successful foreign companies. In the year 1971, it entered into a deal with Chrysler and introduced its Gallant in the United States as Dodge Colt and Chrysler Sigma in Australia. By the year 1977, Mitsubishi had established a wide network of sales and product distribution across Europe. It was this time that it began selling its products directly to US markets.

In the year 1982, Brand Mitsubishi was launched on American soil under its own name with vehicles like Starion coupes, Cordia and Tredia sedan. It was initially sold in twenty-two states with help of seventy dealers which increased with time to 340 dealers. The new millennium has seen the launch of various automobiles like Sedan and SUVs.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Sedan has pinpoint reflexes and powerful acceleration. It is an excellent choice for driving enthusiasts. Its upgraded components include keyless entry, rear-view mirror with an auto-dimming facility, audio system, heated side mirrors, front cupholders, and built-in turn signals. This is a compact sedan built for those who love to drive fast and hard. Its important features include inline-4 cylinders, gas engine, fuel economy of 17/23 mpg, 5-speed manual transmission, heated seats, all-wheel drive, 291 horsepower, lots of color options, cruise control, power steering, USB connection and Bluetooth connectivity.

Mitsubishi Outlander SUV is a competent crossover with updated and refreshed styling. It has advanced features like a gas engine, fuel economy of 25/31 mpg, inline-4 cylinders, Bluetooth connectivity, external colors like rally red, cosmic blue, cool silver, and various others, front-wheel drive, independent suspension, bucket-front seats, reclining rear seats, cruise control, climate control, a steering wheel of leather, six speakers, privacy glass, alloy wheels, rear wiper, USB connection and volume control.

Mitsubishi as a brand is still going strong with seven models which have retained faith in their company.