Opel Logo Meaning, History Timeline and All Latest Car Models

Today, if we look around ourselves, we will encounter new technology and breakthrough inventions everywhere. Opel is constantly making sure that innovations are accessible to as many people as possible by launching the latest technologies in their vehicles. Founded by General Motors, new transformations, and quality assurance is a deeply rooted brand’s DNA. Opel began with manufacturing bicycles and soon became the first company in Germany to build a complete assembly line to boost its production rate.

Let’s explore more about Opel history and the story behind Opel car logo

Opel Origin-1900: The Company was founded in 1862 as a sewing machine producer. Later, in 1886, the company began to sell bicycles and manufactured its first car in 1899.

1900-2000: In late 1929, General Motors purchased Opel. In 1971, the ten-millionth Opel rolls off the assembly line in the Russelsheim plant, and then it took just 12 years for Opel’s 20-millionth vehicle. In the 1990s, Opel became the first car manufacturer to implement a recycling chain for plastics.

2000-2010: In 2003, Opel launches an engine initiative with four new CDTI common-rail diesel units and the fuel-saving technology TWINPORT for its gasoline engines. During the 2008 global financial crisis, GM agreed to sell a 55% stake in Opel to the Magna group but later it was called off and GM kept control of Opel.

2010-Today: In 2012, Opel acquired a 7% share of PSA and later sold in 2013. In 2017, Groupe PSA agreed to acquire Opel from General Motors for €2.2 billion.

Opel logo Meaning and History

Opel has had various car logos throughout history. It began with Adam Opel’s initials in red and bronze colors. At the beginning of the 20th century, Opel introduced a ‘blue eye’ emblem, which was an almond shape that looked like an eye, filled with blue color. The brand name was written inside the symbol. In 1964, a lightning symbol was first used in the Opel emblem, which referred to the Blitz truck that helped the company to revive after World War II. The word Blitz stands for lighting in German.

This Opel logo was designed in Grey color and in the 1980s, the symbol was turned into black. It was in 2002 when Opel introduced its first 3D logo and painted it in gradient shades of silver color. The present Opel symbol that was introduced in 2008 has an elegant yet strong and sharp horizontal lightning, embedded into a silver and black circle with the brand’s name at the top. The ‘Z’ shape lightning is sharp and elegant, which highlights the style and quality of Opel vehicles. It is the first emblem of the German company in a long time, deprived of any yellow elements.

Opel has launched the various car models ranging from Hatchbacks to SUVs.

Let’s get familiar with Opel latest car models:

• Opel Astra
Price: €20,695 onwards

• Opel Mokka X
Price: €22,195 onwards

• Opel Crossland X
Price: €22,695 onwards

• Opel Insignia GS
Price: €27,350 onwards

• Opel Grandland X
Price: €28,695 onwards

• Opel Corsa
Price: €15,850 onwards

• Opel Zafira
Price: €29,295 onwards

• Opel Adam
Price: €16,695 onwards

• Opel KARL
Price: €12,695 onwards

• Opel GTC
Price: €26,095 onwards

Soon new Opel models will hit the streets. The CORSA GSi will be available from October 2018 and Opel’s new family Van from December 2018. The brand is also ready with its new Opel Combo Life with up to 7 seats and generous storage solutions.