Porsche Logo Meaning, History Timeline & All Latest Car Models

Porsche specializes in high-performance sports cars, hypercars, supercars, and recently sedans and SUVs. It is considered iconic in the automobile industry and is an instantly recognizable brand to members of the public.

Porsche Logo Meaning & History

Porsche has the most authentic and well-known logo in the automobile market. The Porsche symbol appeared more than 20 years after the company was registered. Before that, just the inscription “Porsche” was on the hoods of the cars. Unlike many car logos that relate to something about the company itself, the Porsche logo is based on the place where the company was founded and incorporates a combination of the designs for two different coats of arms.

Porsche Logo (1922-62)

At the beginning of the 1950s, Ferdinand Porsche, son Ferry, and the trusted circle decided to develop an emblem that can be devoted to their city Stuttgart and possessed a dynamic, powerful identity. The Porsche symbol was developed by Ferry on April 25, 1952. According to some reports, Ferry was having lunch in New York with his business partner Max Hoffman and he used a napkin to sketch the Porsche crest. However, many Germans disagree and claim that the emblem was designed by an engineer, Franz Xaver Reimpiess.

The Porsche logo was at the start put together the elements from the great history of region Württemberg-Baden, the political region was called at those times. The bold logo design is in the shape of a shield that is divided into quarters with two-quarters gold with black deer antlers and two quarters with red and black stripes with a horse rearing up on its hind legs in the center of the shield, just below the word ‘STUTTGART’ and the top of the shield displays the word ‘PORSCHE’. The shield came from the coat of arms of Württemberg during the Weimer-era, also known as the Free People’s State of Württemberg. The Porsche symbol differs from the original coat of arms as the coat of arms of Württemberg featured two deer stood on their hind legs holding the shield at each side and an intricate gold design below the shield. The central gold shield of the logo featuring a horse was the coat of arms of Stuttgart, where the Porsche brand was founded. Both coats of arms are representative of the birthplace of Porsche.

The first car to have the Porsche logo was the 356 Pre-A, which was designed by the Ferry himself. The Porsche sign appeared in the center of its steering wheel and in two years, the logo was installed into the front bonnet handle. Beginning from 1958, owners of 356A could optionally add Porsche emblem to their cars. Unlike other car brand logos, the Porsche logo remained the same throughout its entire history. Although the lettering was slightly trimmed and also the horse’s shape smoothed over years for printed versions, correspondence and brochures.

Porsche History Timeline

Let our history timeline take you on a journey characterized by tradition and innovation.

Porsche origin-1960: Porsche was founded by Ferdinand Porsche in 1931 and in 1938, the first Porsche known as the ‘Porsche 64’ was launched. In the 40s, due to the impending war, the production was ceased but in 1947, Porsche returned to producing vehicles and designed a new Grand Prix racing car. A year later, the company’s first sports car, the 356 was built.

Porsche 64

1960-1980: In 1964, the production of the famous Porsche 911 began and its success made Porsche popular throughout Germany. In 1972, Porsche went public and work began on the Weissach Research and Development Center.

1980-2000: In the early 80s, Porsche 956 became the most successful sports car of the time. In 1995, the new Porsche 911 Turbo made its debut and due to its new technology, it produced the fewest CO2 emissions.

Porsche 956

2000-present: In mid-2006, after years of the Boxster as the best-selling Porsche in North America, 911 regained its position as Porsche’s best-seller in the region. In May 2017, Porsche built the one-millionth 911.

Porsche car models are known for performance, quality, and reliability. Porsche Car Company is famous for manufacturing sportscar that can be used for everyday driving. Come and know more about the latest car models available in the market.

• Porsche 718 Boxster (Price: $58,450 onwards)
• Porsche 718 Cayman (Price: $56,350 onwards)
• Porsche 911 (Price: $92,150 onwards)
• Porsche 911 GT2 RS (Price: $294,250 onwards)
• Porsche 911 GT3 / GT3 RS (Price: $144,650 onwards)
• Porsche 911 Turbo / Turbo S (Price: $162,850 onwards)
• Porsche 718 Boxster (Price: $57,400 onwards)
• Porsche Cayenne (Price: $66,750 onwards)
• Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid (Price: $79,900 onwards)
• Porsche Cayenne Turbo / Turbo S (Price: $119,150 onwards)
• Porsche Macan (Price: $48,850 onwards)
• Porsche Macan Turbo (Price: $78,250 onwards)
• Porsche Panamera (Price: $86,050 onwards)
• Porsche Panamera e-Hybrid (Price: $100,600 onwards)
• Porsche 718 Panamera Sport Turismo (Price: $97,250 onwards)
• Porsche 718 Panamera Turbo / Turbo S (Price: $151,050 onwards)

Porsche is all set to deliver some high-quality luxurious cars in the coming few years. Take a look at some upcoming Porsche car models.

• Porsche Project 551 (Expected Launch: Late 2018)
• Porsche Dakar (Expected Launch: 2019)
• Porsche Taycan (Expected Launch: 2019)
• Porsche 960 (Expected Launch: 2019)
• Porsche 992 (Expected Launch: 2019)
• Porsche Sahara (Expected Launch: 2021)

In an era when most of its competitors have been absorbed into larger manufacturers, Porsche remains a dedicated and profitable independent maker of high-performance sports cars. We hope to see it in the list of top automobile brands for the coming decades.