Renault Logo Meaning, History Timeline & Latest Car Models

Renault logo meaning and history; since 1898, Renault has been making cars that are universally appreciated, reliable, practical and adaptable to the lifestyle of every class of people. Renault believes in the possibility of a world where vehicles are no longer a threat to the future of the planet.

Let’s walk through Renault’s history and acknowledge its contribution to the automobile market.

Renault Origin-1940: This French car brand was established by the Renault brothers in 1899. Soon enough, the company began participating in motor racing. 1908, Renault became the largest manufacturer in France in 1929; the brand became popular in 49 different countries.

1940-1980: Between 1951 and 1960, Renault expanded the company in Africa and North America by launching a Renault Dauphine, which became one of the best-selling cars. The 1960s had been a decade of aggressive growth and 1970 was the first year during which Renault produced more than a million cars in a single year.

1980-Today: In 1990, Renault changed its status and became a public limited company with State capital. In 1999, the Renault-Nissan Alliance was formed and in 2010, Renault-Nissan announced an alliance with Daimler. Today, Renault concept cars have been making waves across various auto shows all over the world.

Renault Logo Meaning and History Timeline

Renault logo is among the most recognizable logos. The brand got its official first logo in 1899 with the initials of the founder and his brother. Seven years later, it was replaced by a new symbol representing the Renault car that won the French Grand Prix run by the Automobile Club de France. However, it was in 1925, when the popular diamond shape Renault logo was established and since that time only slight modifications have been made on colors and design but the diamond shape is still the same. During 1946 and 1959, the brand’s identity grew stronger and also reflected in the emblem. For the first time in 1946, the logo was published in yellow color on internal documents.

Renault Logo Evolution

The present form of emblem known to all Renault fans was firstly introduced in 1992. The Renault name was symbolized by a simple and elegant 3D diamond. The later logo was updated and several changes have been made in 2004 and 2007, as the yellow square and the brand name ‘Renault’ with the diamond were brought in. The current Renault logo was released in 2015 with a little iteration. Every color of the logo has a special signification. The yellow background means prosperity and optimism while the silver color means sophistication and creativity.

Here are some latest Renault car models:

• Renault Clio
Price: $16,490 onwards

• Renault Captur
Price: $21,990 onwards

• Renault Megane
Price: $22,490 onwards

• Renault Kangoo
Price: $23,490 onwards

• Renault Koleos
Price: $29,990 onwards

• Renault Trafic
Price: $34,990 onwards

Renault is preparing for the company’s future with attractive and high-performance cars. Soon it’s going to launch some amazing models like Renault EZ-GO, Renault Symbioz, Renault Zoe electric hatchback, the new Renault Duster, the Renault Kwid electric vehicle and an MPV based on the Kwid platform.